Is Your Dog Feeding on Poop? – 9 Causes and How to Place Place a Cease to this Disgusting Conduct


Taking in their own poop or that of yet another dog is not only a disgustingly poor routine that numerous dogs partake in but it can also be an sign of health issues.

Abnormal indigestive behavior these kinds of as feeding on poop, rocks, iron, glass, ice, screws, gravel, filth, or just consuming irregular quantities of meals can be related to PICA (Pie-Kuh)–constant ingestion of nonfood material or Coprophagia (cop-ra-FAY-jee-a)–ingestion of feces.

According to The Merck Veterinary Guide, PICA and Coprophagia can be symptoms of behavioral complications such as obsessive compulsive problems. Having said that, some animal scientific tests by holistic veterinarians recommend that a absence of nutrition could also be the culprit.

Despite the fact that your dog might be ingesting a perfectly-well balanced food plan of the two soaked and dry meals, the potential of your dog’s digestive system to correctly absorb the nutrition in the fool may well be a lot less than ample. Puppies are instinctively pushed to scavenge or uncover foodstuff to supplement their needs and will frequently flip to this sort of factors as feces, vomit, and decaying flesh to discover these worthwhile nutrition.

Some meals that are complicated for a pet dog to wholly digest, this sort of as carrots and grain-centered meals, can turn out to be a cause for the pet to ingest feces. A diet plan very low in carbs and large in protein could enable to make improvements to your dog’s skill to digest foods and to develop stools that are significantly less appetizing.

A lot of holistic veterinarians recommend supplementing your dog’s diet plan with enzymes these types of as those people identified in Prozyme. Other counsel the use of herbs this kind of as ginger or cinnamon in very small amounts (1/8 to 1/4 tsp) sprinkled on their meals to make the feces a lot less appetizing. The addition of pineapple, spinach, garlic, and pumpkin, in smaller quantities, to your dog’s foods can also support in creating the feces fewer appealing to eat.

If you have a doggy that is consuming his or other animal feces, you must to start with have them examined by a experienced veterinarian. Coprophagia may perhaps simply just be owing to a absence of nutrients, on the other hand, there are a lot of other probable causes like Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (the incapacity of the pancreas to make a ample sum of digestive enzymes), Pancreatitis (an inflamed pancreas), and intestinal bacterial infections.

Though the feces may perhaps supply the nutrition the pet dog is trying to find, they may also have parasites these types of as round worms or whipworms and can lead to other additional critical clinical conditions.

There are 3 styles of Coprophagia:

Autocoprophagia–when a pet partakes in feeding on his or her individual feces.

Intraspecific Coprophagia–when a dog partakes in consuming the feces of another animal in his or her personal species.

Interspecific Coprophagia–when a dog partakes in taking in the feces of one more species of animal these as cat feces or deer and rabbit droppings.

Other reasons for a doggy feeding on feces include things like a want for consideration, (even if it is from being disciplined by their operator), copying other animals who have interaction in eating feces, next the maternal intuition to clear up, or simply not becoming fed sufficient to fulfill their hunger.

Whichever the motive, it could be additional than just a disgusting pattern and must be investigated to guarantee the health of your canine.


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